6. Dear friend
6. Dear friend

6. Dear friend

AlternativeRise In Arms(2013)

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6. Dear friend

6. Dear friend


發布時間 2013-01-29


Sometimes, when I walk through the darkness
There are warm hands take me back
They say not to despair
This is just a part of life

Stay back, Stay back! Think of your life
Step back, Step back! Don’t easily try
no matter what happens
And we will be by your side

We've done some crazy shit
But we know the bottom line
Always do some stupid shit
God damn! I know you like (it) this way!

When I passed out on the street
my buddy stand beside me
When I lose my soul again
you will redeem me from the abyss
how can we live without those crazy moments
you and me in our world

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