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Let Me Love You (Demo)
Let Me Love You (Demo)

Let Me Love You (Demo)


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Let Me Love You (Demo)

Let Me Love You (Demo)

Norton Street 諾頓街
Norton Street 諾頓街

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發布時間 2022-06-24


Let Me Love You (2022)

詞曲: Steve 吳宇恆
編曲: Norton Street 諾頓街
混音/母帶後期: Tim 黃亭遠
主唱: Steve 吳宇恆
和音: Hogan 鄒序
吉他: Tim 黃亭遠
貝斯: Jams 姜恒
鍵盤/吉他: Hogan 鄒序
爵士鼓: Smo 思默

特別感謝: 慕桑音樂 @moodsunmusic
封面照片: 劉晏彤 @yanl_bnw

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Let Me Love You - Norton Street

I’m just so addicted to my past life
Crying all the time makes me feel right
Alcoholic boy drinking all night

It’s you
You drag me out my room
When I stumbled and fall
You pulled me up
You pick me up
And you lift me up

Let me Love You

We can all pretend like it feels alright
Sorrow in the air but we feel alright
Silence still remain we just cry sometimes
Bet you feel the same you said it’s gone be fine
You just want nothing hurts anymore
And I tell you
You save me once and this time just let me

Let Me Love You

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現在半年過去了 聽歌還是很有感覺🫶🏻

6 個月前 ・1 個喜歡