Niche (Demo)
Niche (Demo)

Niche (Demo)

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Niche (Demo)

Niche (Demo)


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發佈時間 2018-10-13


Written by Mothgown

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Blues come to me
taking over taking over
time passes secretly
running over running over
all what we are meant to be
all what we hoped to see
all what you promised me

Close your eyes and breathe
falling into falling into
my love so sacredly
never look back never look back
all what we are told to be
all that are make-believe
all what we thought it would be

Can you live a missionary life
possibly a choice you will decline
mumbling with the words that defy
better find a space for us to hide

Stepping into my land
through emotions and contemplation
riding against the trend
ruling over ruling over
all what we see in hand
all what we comprehend
all decisions made by chance

Remember to be stronger
you’re lionhearted
prove that it’s true
cos it’s time to bury history
come to me

Take my hand till the end
explore our niche and stay satisfied
take my hand till the end
above all chaos that ruin us inside

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