Red & Gold
Red & Gold

Red & Gold

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Red & Gold

Red & Gold


發布時間 2018-09-17


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See the circles are red
The cross is in gold
The street is reflected on my side of window

The air I breathe is so white
The chemicals too
What’s bleeding inside of me is making me old

At times I think about my future
I think about my past
Like the forward and backward of those moving cars

Now the traffic is dead
So is my soul
It takes longer than ever to go home

See the taxis are red
The buses are gold
The fences are rusted and everybody’s afraid

When nobody would talk to me
But I’m not alone
What bloody I need to befriend you?

Are you scared you’ll be affected?
The rashes won’t go
Go take all the precautions, and stay forever afar

From humanity the strongest
The best of it all is that
We don’t have a name to drag through the mire


As a promise is a promise
You make it or break it
Just like when I hand out my holy heart

And I came with no nothing
I hope to be something
That one day you could be proud

Would you care enough to tell me?
Where should I go?
What have I done wrong they don’t put me through?

Would you care enough to tell me?
Where should I go?

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