Everything That She Said

分類 Singer / Songwriter
發佈 2017 年 10 月 25 日






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Well I see a woman talking 'bout her old friends and stuff
But now the gate's down everyone's yet to come
She packs her suitcases nicely and heads towards the end of the road

She says everyone loves her that's why she don't quit
Living in the street instead of a house on the hill
She has money to spend just not on those electricity bills

There she turns away
She has her back against me
Street light leaking out from her head of white strings
Like there's a silver lining
That lives inside her all these years
Now she doesn't want to say anything
But deep in her heart
She's felt this for a long time that she has become so numb and tired of feeling

The floor is filled with people, they all come and go
The radio's still playing, yesterday by the Beatles
She only knows the classics, she'd sing along when she feels like home

I ask about her daughter and her son if she has
She proudly says they're out of town making hundreds of grands
How they used to fight for attention and one day they will surely come back


It's funny how I trust her and everything that she said
We long live our beliefs and just hope for the best
Tonight's gotta go, we still have a day tomorrow