02 If I Were A Magician

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02 If I Were A Magician


發佈時間 2017-04-11


'If I were a Magician'

Am                              Am#7
I always thought I was dreaming
Am7                                  D7/A      Dm7                    CM7
since when have I stopped believing that once upon a time,
           F9                             E7b9
all the good times and petty crimes
were reasons I was living

But somethings always missing
the white room where we were living
white thoughts we've forgot were crimes we wrote to rhyme

Dm7                Em7
And if I were a magician
Am                                   Em7
I'd cast a spell to stop the memory
        Dm7   Em7        Am
from fading... fading away

Without you and everyone
there'll be no magic 
My world has become uncannily undone

             F     G9                  Am
So let it stay till the end of days...

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黃靖・1 年前

@歐羊 Thank you! The live version is much better though

歐羊・1 年前

Love the song so much