Maybe A Word
Maybe A Word

Maybe A Word

AlternativeA Bite Of Hell (Sampler)

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Maybe A Word

Maybe A Word

Jabin Law
Jabin Law

發布時間 2019-10-24


Maybe a word is just too brief
To tell you how I really feel
Maybe I am just too weak
Weak as a drifting, falling leaf
Fallen leaf

I wonder if they are building walls
Or they are just covering sores
Living less and losing more
I wanna know what’s going on

Break through the curtain, go out and play
Lean out the window, face-to-face
It’s not time to cremate or bury
You can find a million ways
Million ways, million ways

Once in a while we’re used to
Reaping flowers on the road
Who can tell the seasons
When they’re sold/sowed?

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