I Once (I Was A Fish)

Singer / Songwriter ・ A Bite Of Hell (Sampler)

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I Once (I Was A Fish)

Jabin Law

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發佈時間 2019-10-24


主角回想起自己的童年,不懂跟人溝通,被欺凌,被邊緣化;身邊的人都覺得他是怪胎。他因 此變得脆弱和自卑。他開始麻醉自己,跌在虛幻的世界當中。

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I once met an angel
She flew away
I once found a friend, they
Said he was lame
I once hid a cloud
It never rained
I once kissed a flower
I saw it shrinking, no no, no no

I did start a fight and
I didn’t win
I once broke a mirror
No one got hurt
No one but me, but me, no no

I dived within
Our tainted skins
Were soaring, were soaring

I once calmed my boredom
Gentle as haze
I came out of nowhere
I thought I was a fish
I could flow, I could swim
I could
I was a fish
I was a fish
I was a fish
I was a fish

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