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Jabin Law
Jabin Law

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發布時間 2013-08-28


I cursed your name
But it goes in vain

You were near before I'd ever lived another life
You were here before I thought I was the first to arrive

You can read all of our mind
Are these rules I can't define
But I hope you've decided to take my life

My days are short
So I turned my clock

When love was the answer and faith was found
When truth could be told and hope was always around

How can I possibly explain
Deep inside this burning pain?
And the stain running through my vein
Remains the same

How can I leave you behind?
How can I let you disappear?
How can I not to be with you?
This is why I'm still breathing here today

There's land I'll never find
That's a place atop the sky
Your grace could vastly shine
Beyond the time

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