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Rock遺跡花園 Relic Garden

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紛亂交錯 Find The Intersection

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發布時間 2022-10-04


比痛苦還要深處的痛苦,闡述著是人們一般不想面對 的陰影,那是一種不願意面對的黑暗面。

詞曲 Lyrics & Composer |小威 Josh

編曲 Arranger |紛亂交錯 Find The Intersection

主唱 Vocal & Guitar|小威 Josh

吉他 Lead Guitar|星可 Sinco

貝斯 Bass|阿崧 A Song

鼓 Drums|大魚 Big Fish

和聲 Harmony|小威 Josh

錄音工程師 Recording Engineers |楊星可 Sinco

錄音室 Recordling Studio|鈕饅頭音樂工作室 New Metal Music Studio

混音&母帶 Mixing & Mastering|蘇祥輝 Shawn Su

製作人 Producer|小威 Josh、蘇祥輝 Shawn Su

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I see the lines go white
Just like the time we have
Didn’t seem to like
everything’s alright
Take my soul away
To find another place
Didn’t seem to like
my soul is going to die

take my hand
Through the pain
We don’t get a chance
Fight again
To the end
Nothing will stop me again
We will break
through the walls
never satisfied
I can’t take anymore
Lelf the pain in my head

make me bleed…

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