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法兹 / FAZI

音樂人 陝西

FAZI has carved out space for themselves in the vibrant and too often overlooked post-punk/indie scene in China

Chinese post-punk that's forceful and driving: true anthems for today's doomed youth
-Concrete & Grass Festival

In a hushed space designed for bookshelves and youngsters cramming for exams, one of China's best Post-Punk bands made some serious noise.

A jittery, heartfelt blend of post punk swag, They lit the stage up from the get go and did not let up till one bit.

法兹的音乐里蕴藏着Krautrock的极简律动与Post-Punk的粗厉仪式感. 台上的他们像是不知疲倦的永动机制造着抓人心肺的声音, 孤独而隐忍,简单又有力地直指内心.



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