Morbid Nightmare
Morbid Nightmare

Morbid Nightmare


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Morbid Nightmare

Morbid Nightmare


發佈時間 2021-03-21


One can only take so much. When it's off the limit, hell breaks loose...

Recording Engineer : Bassonly
Mixing Engineer : Bassonly
Produced by Eureka Band
Recording Studio : Rockave

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They turned their head and remained silent.
Acted like nothing was going wrong.
They had their chance to stop the violence.
Now look what you’ve made me do.
You shouted at me, you laughed at me.
You spat on my face shoved me to ground.
I used to swallow it down deep within me.
Now I can take it now more.

{Listen, to the words of wisdom. }
{Don’t give in to others. }
Burn, it hurts from inside.

{in control of your soul. }
Corroding my soul.

{Hold on to your faith. }
Pray, for integrity.
{Hold on to your sanity. }
I am shattering.
{You will be free, be free. }
Be free.
No, it tortures me.
{Hear the voice inside. }

Grinding my mind.

{Thou shalt never be apophatic. }
{Through his guidance, thou shalt fear no pain. }
{Oh~ thy faith will be with thee. }
{Empower thee, to seize thy suffering. } suffering
{Oh~ thy faith shalt walk with thee. }
Suffocation, irritation, abomination

{Don’t turn away. }
Demolition of my sanity.

{Thy wrath shalt pour on them. }
Forgive me, I cannot withstand.

{Oh~ thy faith shalt be with thee. }
Revelation of

{Burn down everything. }
My vengeance, morbid nightmare.

Pray, to infuse my heart with courage,
To protect me from my enemies.
Save me from this agony.
I pray to you, my lord.
Sustain my faith,
for I have been a loyal servant to your throne.
For I will follow you forever.
Oh lord please, bestow me strength.
For I have suffered so.
Grant me power against my foe.
For I will give in no more.

Quench my thirst with...

{Raging rancor scalding, burning everything. }
Break your arms in half
Cut your ribs and tear
Make you watch yourself...

{Forever and ever cursing. }
Being amputated, mutilated.

{Roar from deep within, inflaming, burning everything. }
Slicing through your throat.
Bathing in your guts.
Drinking, feasting on your blood and flesh.

{Cursing, burning everything, burning everything. }
Smashing, shredding, crushing everything.

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