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Concealing Shelter
Concealing Shelter

Concealing Shelter

MetalRational Diversity "理智的多樣性"

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Concealing Shelter

Concealing Shelter


發布時間 2017-01-12


Sirens are roaring yet people not awakened
They pierce our life and slave our mind
Ensylium is this shelter
Cause we can awaiting for a bright future
All with blindfolds are forced to lie

Embrace me, embrace me
Punishment belongs my obligation
This fucking heart can’t be any wrong
He’s my flesh, my trust though I’m gonna murder him

The monument had revealed
Tells people his and enlightened
But he’s still hoping the sunshine and water
Treat my sin as mercy
I protected your life in this blindfold prison
My repayment is my life
Treat my sin as mercy

The only truth lives in life
Even stand only lies.You said
You lies,but are real situation

Your act can be real as truth
Be the liars, and Whitewash, you hustler!
The so called art’s your conspiration

My whole life is a lie
Only chaos in my mind
It’s all it’s all a lie

There is nothing in the end
There is no one you can save
It’s all my fault
And you’ll be fine

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