Metal ・ Rational Diversity "理智的多樣性"

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發佈時間 2017-01-12


Seal away from that clammy land, as we wrapped with hope.
Waves in the night made us wrecked
Bringing me into the ocean’s deep

Religion became elysium
We’re all in dreams , haunted eyes,
Still guesting on my mind
As witness of colossus in this sparkling
In astros he slowly swam by
Emitting light as they’re stars
Not only in my mind

Not only reflections I see from the eyes
I wanna save you from this blind
We’re gonna survive in the end
As we seeked to live
Gazing to the dominants with eyes
Sinking ship and animals
Lotus, mother under the water, see!

We went through the journey of the life
After all , We shall learn to
Let go and here to stay
Till the end, till the end, till the end

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