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Rational Diversity
Rational Diversity

Rational Diversity

MetalRational Diversity "理智的多樣性"

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Rational Diversity

Rational Diversity


發布時間 2017-01-12


My Family, belief and belong
All the lovers I had
Like no other different
You gave me this place comfortly

So does this searing on me
searing pushed me, discipline me
But voice can never be heared
I know this is what I have to paid

How many time you’ve said you have to try
Look what have you done
How many time you were cared about
Look what have you, look what have you done

ignorant, ignorant
This blade how it’s shaped
Slicing our nature
We follow, we obey
We follow, we hustle
Sinking into this constant comfort

Please don’t losing, please don’t screaming
Just stop by and hearing me
All the words I want to say
You can prevent from hurting what we both loved

How many time you said you have to tried
Look what have you, look what have you done

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