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Drowsiness of DoEk
Drowsiness of DoEk

Drowsiness of DoEk

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Drowsiness of DoEk

Drowsiness of DoEk


專輯發行時間 2023-03-24
建立於 2023-03-24


This album shares the life story of the four drowsy members of the band, who are university students brought together by their love of music. It all began in an apartment located in mueng-aek, Rangsit. The album features a combination of their personal experiences and emotions captured in songs, marking the band's first full-length album ‘Drowsiness Of DoEk’ on March 30th 2023

The gathering of these university companions, who have a fondness for music and rhythms, results in the launch of an energetic new band in the Thai indie music scene. With Door Plant's music genre is flexible and adapts to the life journey of

Phum - Tanaphum Mongkolsawad (Vocal, Guitar)

Oat - Chanin Tapnarong (Guitar)

Son - Sirawit Jitprasert (Backing Vocal, Guitar)

Thee - Theerapat Prapan (Drum)

their growth has led the band from Alternative-indie Pop to Dream Pop, providing a unique, refreshing and relaxing experience to their audience, like growing an Door Plant.

Since their debut single "Ter Nun Ngai", the band has gained significant attention from fans and performance venues, making appearances at the Cat Expo Music Festival, Big mountain Music Festival, Siam Music Festival, and Music Lane OKINAWA in Japan.

The album's name, "Drowsiness of DoEk," reflects the life story of four drowsy characters, intertwined with the name of the place where the band began, "con"Do" mueng "Ek." Door Plant recommends listening to SEED, a fun and engaging song that captures the band's essence and the message of growth, like planting a seed that grows into a big tree.

"Drowsiness of DoEk" will be available on all streaming platforms on March 30th, 2023, allowing the band to share its life story with the world.

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