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Running On Empty
Running On Empty

Running On Empty

ExperimentalLost In Noir

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Running On Empty

Running On Empty

Chucky Factory Land
Chucky Factory Land

發布時間 2024-05-15


i paid for happier
somehow got it free
can’t choose sometime
occasionally i

How that you fellin
I know your fellin
Baby killa
Im go on tour
I will ride arond my Euro
My superhero
Hollywood tho

My world just beginning (aye~~)

Nothing changes to another
But I could still thank god
Still could save for another
I know that ain’t too much
Rather let ur heart out
To jam ur things, keep it up
Pay to play nowadays
Pay to play now i play

If I keep it in my mind
I might still feel lonely
If i keep it in my mind
Maybe I fallin
trina surface in the deep
Yo Dawg, Im on me
Im born to be

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