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ExperimentalLost In Noir

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Chucky Factory Land

發布時間 2024-05-15


New day raining thrills coming down,
but I mashed up while the gales blowin down
So I looked way up in tears for just pale shine light
turned around my head due the line, I’m right
Choked and drowned bout to getting done
That moon upon and shine me for damn day long
I gotta know
moon told me to..

Dont wait repetition
Prada Neck drip or Celine new wrist
another one things to change your vibes
Another one things guess buy you mine

No way No way Noway
No way No way Noway

Come test civilization
Heavy metal riff if everybody bitch in Tik Tok
Title talk Did you Dejavu
Another things “me and you”

No way No way Noway
No way No way Noway

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