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Prep Walk
Prep Walk

Prep Walk

R&B / SoulLost In Noir

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Chucky Factory Land

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發布時間 2024-05-15


There must be the light where the voir
There must be the light where we are
Hold my hand say Hallelujah

Spirit levitating
Now my angel just call

Said to yall it was just like a life ago
with my duty it just feel like a seconds flown
fast car how could, it couldn’t smash or blown
dupity we’ve seen this like a half of the show

I spread up all my wings it’s lightweight now Julie
spit out your BD bad bad gummies baby
spirit levitate
(dodo u double chew)
Sappy tragedy i’m going crazy

never seen one of these
brute forces can’t guarantee
she need to get me
the’ve come too friendly
outspoken normally
don’t know how come it is
thought same as ur speak
you know what it is

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