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D.O.T.S. - All4U
D.O.T.S. - All4U

D.O.T.S. - All4U

R&B / Soul

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D.O.T.S. - All4U

D.O.T.S. - All4U


發布時間 2019-10-25


Parallel EP Track01 【All4U】


《Parallel 平行》

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Girl I did it All4U

​Right now I still can't get over you

​It was a rainy day that I fell for you

​Fr I couldn't take my eyes off you

​Oh I

I think I'm alright

just wide awake all night

And a couple months went by

​I was trying how to draw your attention right to me

​I got no Gucci I ain't got no mansion clear to see

I ain't got no diamond

Girl you know my heart money can't defined me

​Girl don't you mind

Thought you'd be mine

​Hey, shawty you're my type

​Feel like time's freezing when you're by my side

​Baby stop creeping wanna take a ride

​Now my heart's breaking why you gonna lie

​Go out wit that guy

​would you turn back to me

I'll find a place

​you know I

​put you in my first place I don't do words play yeah

​Time's ticking Clock's spinning

​Demons around me
​(Wish you around me)

​I thought you take my hand (but in reality)

​at the end you chose that man

​Once again I heard you say my name

​but you hurt me once again

​I'm into you

Girl I'm so into you

​I did everything for you

I sold my spirit to you to you

​but do you

I love you but do you.

​What caused this I don't know

I got nothing to do without you girl

​Back at home all alone stay in my corner

​That's my fault she want throne I can't afford her

​Had my phone nothing on still in my corner

​Lost my hope all alone standing at the border

​Girl I did this All4U

​didn't see this coming thru

​just walked way you just walked away

​Girl I did this All4U

​but I earn nothing from you

​I'll find my way

I'll find my way

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