Ballad Of Saturn 5 (EP)

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Ballad Of Saturn 5 (EP)

Be Bop Kids

發佈時間 2019-01-01


+Ballad Of Saturn 5 (EP), 2019 +
All songs and lyrics written by YuanChang Tsai 蔡元彰&Be Bop Kids
All songs arranged by Be Bop Kids
All tracks are recorded, mixed and mastered by Raven Gu 顧孟堯@61 music studio
Illustrated by YuanChang Tsai 蔡元彰

+Be Bop Kids+
Vocal,Guitar | YuanChang Tsai 蔡元彰
Bass | CohenK 郭恆
Guitar | WayWay Huang 黃俊維
Keyboard | John Lu 呂翊華
Drums | XY Huang 黃筱芸

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