R&B / Soul ・ "Is It Vain To Be Awake?

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YUFU & the Velvet Impressionism絲絨印象派樂隊

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發佈時間 2020-01-03


Produced by YUFU
YUFU - Guitar/ Vocal
Fumie Kikuchi- Backing Vocal
Tootle- Drums
Bebo- Organs/ Piano
Yushiuan Shie- Bass
Yichun Teng-Trombone
Che-An Li- Saxophone

recorded in YUCHEN studio
recorded by Andy Baker
mixed by Andy Baker
mastered by Joel August Hatstat
special thanks to Andy Baker and his wonderful studio

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As the curtains rise, as he defies
Im locked in to her sight, oh it's so divine
But when she moves , she's in the groove of swirling,
and when she tastes the blue vervain,
she's grinning
Oh lord oh help me get me sane.
Cause i heard she said

A man's got his pride, yet she don't care.
She covets morbid minds in her viper veins
The graceful touch through the dead of night
With a scent of vice, he cries
Moon blood, blood moon, will you be mine.
Oh lord oh i don't need no one
And i heard she said
and i heard, and i heard, and i heard she said

If you know how to break a spell
You will know what's waiting ahead of your time
If she longs to curse you well
As good as coiled rat, dancing on the tap
Don't you dare stare right at her eyes

And i heard she said
and i heard, and i heard, and i heard she said
And i heard she said

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@Phoebe 8月開始會有演出喔 歡迎來玩🍺🍺🍺

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