威愷爆炸是一個來自台北的三人樂團,有那麼一點藍調,那麼一點龐克,還有那麼一點車庫復興的味道。三件式的樂器編制,簡單卻讓人更專著於樂器間的相互關係。追求呼吸一致的同時,也透過主唱神經質般的輕蔑唱腔,唱出九零小孩長大後的無奈與現實。 Wake Up! Explosion is a Taipei-based trio whose sound is a blend of blues, garage rock and punk. Vocalist/guitarist Wei-Kai Chen and bassist Jefferson Jian had played together in local band for several years, but formed Wake Up! Explosion in the spring 2013, while they found Winston Li as a drummer. After played two gigs at Revolver Taipei in the summer 2013, Jefferson left the band to Chile for exchange student and Winston also left due to his pilot career. Therefore, the new bassist Hung-Li Chen and drummer Raygo joined the band till now. Vintage-tone guitar riff, rational bass line, melodious drum arrangement and sneering vocals, pure three-piece instrument making them more concentrate on their mutual relations.

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