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10 月



2022 Taiwan Death Fest. 臺灣死亡音樂節

2022 Taiwan Death Fest. 臺灣死亡音樂節

2022 年 10 月 30 日 | 星期日 | 12:30

台北市・杰克音樂 Jack's studio查看地圖

Dharma 達摩樂隊・Fatuous Rump 笨屁肥臀・Fleur Artificielle 人造花・JUBAH HITAM・desecration・DiePression・Hazenith・Ashen・Emasculated Vituperation 男性陰部逆向開發 ....

6 位街聲音樂人


【Taiwan Death Fest. 2022 Band Recruiting! 】
Since 2015, Jack, who is Jack Studio founder and Dharma 達摩樂隊 band drummer,
as one of the most important promoters of extreme metal in Taiwan, has never slackens his efforts to contribute to metal music in Taiwan.
After 2 years, Taiwan Death Fest. 2022 is officially restarted!
These days, the epidemic has been ruthlessly raging, and many activities have been postponed and called off.
Metal fans! Do you guys miss those good days of Moshing, Circle Pit, and Wall of Death, with your passion and enthusiasm ?
Let us move and shake your body wildly! Metal Never Die!
Time to show your brutal music to everyone!
【Taiwan Death Fest. 2022】Recruit bands with the hardcore souls from all over the world!
October 30th! ! Landing on the evil Halloween!
※Taiwan Death Fest. 2022 is currently recruiting, please PM Jack Studio official fan page 杰克音樂 or email to

2015年起, 杰克音樂 創辦人暨 Dharma達摩樂隊 鼓手-杰克,身為台灣極端金屬重要推廣者之一,一刻都不懈怠地為台灣金屬音樂付出。
金屬頭們,是否懷念那些激情的碰撞、Circle Pit、Wall of Death的美好日子!


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