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發佈 2017 年 5 月 23 日







Peel my skin,
heal your lips.

Drop the knee,
neon street.

"Why not be my friend?"

Find a job,
walk and talk.

The end is near,
drain the swamp.

"Why not be my friend?"

Pick a bone,
throw a stone.

Kill a cell,
safe yourself.

“Why not say my name?“

Mixed by: Jabin Law

Artwork by: Jasmine Cheung

Since the beginning of the year, I'm determined to come up with a music album and has written more than ten songs in five months. Some of them were left as scratches, some of them were put aside after completion, and some of them would come out first as singles, including "Islands".

After the recording process, I found out there was one painting from VIII Jasmine 張嘉敏 that fits the song quite well, thank her for allowing me to use her painting as the cover art for "Islands". And thank Jabin Law for his mixing works.