Save Your Breath
Save Your Breath

Save Your Breath

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Save Your Breath

Save Your Breath

TOBE_TW Official
TOBE_TW Official

4 月


【2023台灣祭Taiwan Music Festival】 4/1 ~ 4/3

發布時間 2017-09-12



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hey all the people listen up
there’s no denying
I will keep going
don’t creep
up behind me
I’m really sure
to the secrets you’ve been keeping

saw through the words you said
let it all burn
don't know what you're expecting of me
remove the broken parts you know
swell up inside of me
truth is truth that you can't change

I’ll take on all the shattered things you did
and let you know that you were wrong
I wanna feel
it’s getting real
it’s underneath my skin and the strength still grows up
oh~ like walking into a dream so unlike what you’ve seen
oh~ frustrated
so stay away
and save your breath

keep breeding your lies
driven by sorrow
but I will not follow
our fate
is separate from misery
I'll not give in
forever I'll carry on

face-off in war
the end will come~~~
you're lost in your sins
there's no way back
you must accept
tragic destination

there's nowhere else to run
I guess we hope in time what's now is overcome
just hold on
hold on till my soul get ruined in the end
and we will never die again

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