Hanging Around

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Hanging Around


  • 一天一首

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發佈時間 2010-07-20



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Hanging Around

Here you are

I hate the moment to say goodbye

When the sky’s clear the sun’s too hot

There you go

Raise your hands up in the air

Spread both wings and ready to fly

The summer breeze has got you floating

Careening through what you’ve been waiting

So I (you) write a song we can sing it out with the crowd

Now you’re away from home but you have our hearts to hold

The soul is meant to soar upon the clouds then we all follow

Before the sun goes down keep the music playing on

Cuz you know that we’ll always be hanging around

Let them be, on the corner they’re only the talkers

But turn around you’ll be part of the dreamers

So pick up your smile and every color

For these days we just fight harder

Airport announcement:

Attention Flight SC101 passengers to somewhere else

We will now board ecology class animals seated in rows 1 – 100

Please throw away your boarding pass and bombs

Show off your dreams and party dress at the gate of love

And dance with your lovers, mothers, heartbreakers before hopping in

So sing it!!!!!!!

Cuz you know that we’ll always be

You will know what all this time is for

You know that we’ll always be

Hanging around

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