彼得洛‧烏嘎(Pitelo Wukah)─我們口中的Delo,一個一起爬山、游泳、說冷笑話的花蓮德奇塔亞群好朋友。細數Delo的人生,彷彿就是紋面民族顛沛流離的縮影。自小父親早逝,為求生計投靠深山的親戚,未曾接受過主流社會教育。高山叢林與老獵人成為Delo的老師,在大自然的洗禮下長大茁壯。後來由國軍兩棲偵搜單位退役,長期擔任救生員工作。在秋冬救生員工作較不繁忙時,即前往山林狩獵,因為不希望傳統的狩獵文化消失。曾在全國性歌唱競賽中,以其獨特的歌唱方式脫穎而出,成為優勝。近年來也因Delo所具備的鮮活的高地武士領導者氣質而受導演青睞,選為電影短片中的“莫那‧魯道”代言人。儘管如此,Delo質樸依舊,恬適安生,只僅以纹面民族兒女自省,推廣紋面民族文化為己任。或許,你會到東部來,並且有緣遇上Delo─這位延續百年祖訓的現代紋面戰士。

Pitelo Wukah, we call him Delo, is our good friend. Together we go swimming, mountain-climbing, and play jokes. Delo's life is the epitome of the diasporic facial-tattoo tribe. His father died when he was only a child. To survive, he lived with his cousin in the mountain and didn't have the opportunity to receive regular education. The jungle and the old hunters became Delo's teachers for the cultivation of his devoutness, and Delo grew up in the natural environment. After retiring from R. O. C Marine Corps, lifesaver is his job until now. Delo likes hunting on his holiday in autumn and winter, because he is awfully worried about the fading away of traditional hunting. He ...

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