Metal ・ 獄無聲-ZERO

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發佈時間 2013-08-22


Break free from this chain 從這鎖鏈掙脫
This shout bears my... 這聲怒吼 代表著
My zero tolerance 我的無法容忍
No 不

Break free from this rage 從這盛怒掙脫
This jump bears my 這一跳代表著
My spit on dependence 我對依賴的不屑

Don't wanna change the world 不想改變這世界
Don't want the world to change me 不想讓這世界改變我
The sun will rise again 太陽會再次升起
It's high time to jump 現在就跳吧

Don't wanna change the world
Don't want the world to change me
It's a leap of faith 這是個信念的躍進
Don't care if no one cares 才不在乎有沒有人在乎

A shot of gasoline 來一針汽油
Yeah That's all I need 這是我所需要的
All I need for a change of scene 為了改變視野的所需
Your pretty pretty face 你美麗的臉龐
Let me fall with grace 讓我優雅的墜落
Spread my wings and fly 我就要展翅高飛

I'm going down...I'm going down below 我正往下墜 正往下墜
Sick of it all 早對這一切厭煩了
I won't waste my tears 不會再浪費我的眼淚
I'm taking this jump 我這就跳了

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