Life Is A Maze
Life Is A Maze

Life Is A Maze

Hip hop / Rap

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Life Is A Maze

Life Is A Maze

NiXoN 尼克森
NiXoN 尼克森

發佈時間 2021-02-20


Now I’m stuck in the middle, counting up the ripples, baby where should I go,
I don’t wanna die alone
I don’t wanna alone

Lead me the way, and I’ll light it up babe.
People passing all around me like they don’t wanna stay,
I will prove to all the bitch, cus imma make another hit, dominate the game like Jason Bourne or John Wick.

Take me out, but please don’t bring me down.
Four by four sized room just lock me down.
They like ‘fuck 2020’ but man I don’t give a shit,
Sophisticate on everything to make sure it is lit

I was trap, by your reaction, petrified wow.
You on my lap, took a nap, memories now make me frown.
I thought perhaps, you’ll adapt, after that i won’t be down again.

Now I’m stuck in middle, counting up the ripple, baby where can go,
I don’t wanna die alone
I don’t wanna alone

You call me your baby, thats not even true.
How the fuck you betray me, still don’t have a clue.
Trollin me over n’ over, your drunk but I’m sober, dedicate my time just for you,
This is the fact I don’t need to prove, person I don’t want to lose, I don’t want to chose, life with you is like sitting on a rollercoaster, then all i got is the booze.

I’m back and reboot, next time i see you i promise I’ll will shoot.
I can’t stand you ruthless, all you are is is just bad and boujie
i got no Versace, but the Zara is comfy.
It’s not from Italy, i got it from my homie,
Then I’ll turn a Nike into a Stella McCartney.
I realize you bitch won’t appreciate me,

Break down all the cause
Turn down all your calls,
I’ll pop like a star, new life from the start, room full of applause.

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