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Shouting Love


Gioreno from OVDS a.k.a “Drinn”.

Vocal / Songwriter / DJ / Drinker

來自電子樂團OVDS詞曲創作人,自2016年開始在Club Thursdays Korner活動,帶著80’s、90’s的復古情懷,揉合當代電子、嘻哈、搖滾等風格,企圖創造跨時代的強烈錯視感。
His DJ tag, "Drinn" can be found in Thursdays Korner since 2016, his cross-generation's Dj sense is came from the 80's & 90's retrospective and blended in genres such as Electronic, Hip hop & Rock.

You can either drink with him or dream with him, because no matter what you do, you won't missed the vibe from his own memory roots.


莫文蔚 - Candy Kisses

MixTape Vol3:
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