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Second Best
Second Best

Second Best

Singer / Songwriter

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Second Best

Second Best

趙廣絜 KJ
趙廣絜 KJ

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發布時間 2022-06-15


You told me nothing about your past
But I could read it in the pictures that you’re tagged
No I’m not stalking, just making a guess
Cuz i happened to see you texting a female friend

Every place you take me to has a history between you and her
The music plays in your car when you’re driving
Does it reminds you of her
I hate the way you react when i say something mean about her
Oh I tried
But I’m only your second best
I’m always the second best
Don’t wanna be your
But I’m only the second best

You’re liking every new photo she puts online
And left all my messages unseen
I was staring at the phone, just in case you’d say goodnight
While you were getting high at her birthday party

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