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Simple Rock

Simple Rock


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發布時間 2018-12-21


『The leopard cannot change its spots.』

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Today is the day we celebrate.
We run out from a place full of disgusting faces.
We had enough the words you said.
You could save your way and we will be okay.

I'm trying to find what's in your head.
Cause you never change cause you never change.

Okay let's talk.
About the greatest plan.
you've been talking about.

You could be a pope.
Spread your Shit around the world.
Teach them how to lying.

But it won't be.

Can't deny you are a shitty person.
I won't let you think you could walk away.
I'll make you swallow all these bull shit.
Dare you try to forget me.
You don't deserve any sympathy.
Karma will curse you until you lose it all.

Maybe we can be friends.
But the leopard cannot change its spots.

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