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音樂人 香港

Follow my Voice - 成立於2013年

Follow my voice 字面上解釋為跟隨我的聲音, 意思為我們只想成為你的聲音, 尋找失去的時光, 從逃避再回到面對.
歌曲主要以生活情感為題材, 音樂融入電子元素來加強意境的渲染, 雙主音力竭聲嘶的吶喊和柔情旋律一面來表達.

Follow my Voice - was formed in 2013, went through a few times of blending, reformed to a 5 piece band in 2015.

Follow my Voice means we want to be you voice, trace back the lost times, from evading to confront.
The songs we are written by all of life and emotions, music was merged with electronic elements to emphasize the melancholic thought, represented by the duo vocalists, heavy scream and soft melody.

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