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Cyclic Artifact

音樂人 其他

Cyclic Artifact 是來自台灣以實驗風格取向的雙人組,不被特定曲風所桎梏,純粹且飽和的音樂風格大膽地以電子樂為根,同時向多元維度的題材上開疆拓土,企圖以精雕細琢的音響堆疊去呈現出如電影般磅礡或細膩的瞬間。

Cyclic Artifact, originating from Taiwan, is a daring duo with an experimental inclination, unbound by any specific genre constraints. Their music boldly blends electronic elements with a pure and saturated style. Exploring diverse themes across multiple dimensions, they strive to craft meticulously layered soundscapes that evoke cinematic grandeur or delicate moments.

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