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椅子樂團 The Chairs

音樂人 臺中市

椅子樂團(The Chairs)為三人編制的雙主唱樂團。由詠靖、仲穎以及伯元組成。2019年以第二張專輯《Lovely Sunday樂芙莉聖代》榮獲第三十屆⾦曲獎「最佳演唱組合」。2020年,告別天馬行空的《Lovely Sunday》,椅子樂團經歷一次又一次的美好緣分,感受著身邊單純真摯的情感,帶著珍惜的心情——第三張專輯《Real Love Is…》緩緩降落地表... 寫給夥伴,寫給家人,也寫給追逐你的那個自己。一切奔跑的過程,都是愛呀。

Formed by YunJin, ZhongYing and Benson, The Chairs were nominated multiple awards in Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) in 2016. In 2018, met with the new generation producer Eazie Huang, they soon hit it off with the new producer, and together created the brand new album . With a bit romantic, acid, retro and a bit naughty album, The Chairs got a second-time nomination by GIMA for Best Folk Single Award and received the Best Group Award from Golden Melody Award 30th. In 2020, The Chairs released their third album "Real Love Is..."

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