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Carry ON
Genre Melodic-Hardcore Hometown Bangkok,Thailand Single "Bury ME" - March,2017
CARRY ON is a melodic-hardcore band formed in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016 CARRY ON consisted of experienced musicians, vocalist Asupon Komin(ex-Lucid Dreams,I Taut Again,Black Last Dying), guitarist Tissawat Khankhrua(ex-One Above All), guitarist Nattapong Meemuk(ex-The Creation of Adams), bassist Kawin Trananthasin(ex-Anorexia,One Above All), and drummer Nattawat Pinthong(ex-Judgement of Paradise,One Above All). The band just release first single " Bury Me " on March 2017. If you're looking for a fast hardcore drum beats, guitar riffs and melodic singing. Plese Check this out , Music Label DEADKIDS since 2005
• Asupon Komin (Ake) - Vocal
• Tissawat Khankhrua(Ohm) - Guitar
• Nattapong Meemuk ...

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