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2006年發生於台灣以南的另類龐克樂隊,是一支意識形態多過於專業的不負責樂隊,島上最後的低保真 舊浪潮樂隊!!!
2018年由 TCRC Records錄製首張Lo-Fi 迷你專輯 "Like Shit"卻遲遲尚未發行,瀕臨解散與解散之間般的存在。

Mr. Dirty began playing characteristically noisy and befuddled punk/garage music in 2006 as a two piece, with Jay, the legendary Tainan-based Mr. Dirty himself, belting out vocals and struggling through endless broken guitar strings. With the addition of American drummer Brian in 2008 and the newly minted A-Ren on bass, the sound has matured into a somewhat more polished form of Dirty. The catchy yet unintelligible lyrics, combined with the simple guitar chords and heavy-handed drums, give Mr. Dirty a unique sound. The addition of several new songs allows for a full half-hour set of mud, sweat, and beers.

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