A Root 同根生

認證音樂人 宜蘭縣

A Root同根生為結合民族樂器創作的融合樂團,由宜蘭音樂人組成,樂器包含笙、月琴、柳琴、中阮、鋼琴、大提琴、擊樂等。以臺灣文化為基底,擅以環境與空間為創作靈感,遊走在戲曲歌謠、爵士語彙、即興聲響之間,刻劃獨樹一格的當代光景。

A Root 同根生
主唱Vocal / 游怡婷 Yoyi
笙Sheng / 楊智博 Jipo Yang
鋼琴、鍵盤Piano、Keyboard / 林 喬 Chiao Lin
柳琴、中阮Liuqin、Ruan / 林琬婷 Wan-Ting Lin
低音提琴、大提琴、電貝斯Double Bass、Cello、ebass / 鄭皓羽 Hao-yu Cheng

A Root is a fusion ensemble that brings together the Ssheng, Rruan, Lliuqin, Ppiano, Ddouble Bbass, and World Ppercussions. BringingIncorporating together Chinese and Western instrumental music, the ensemble creates soundscapes crossing musical cultures and geographical borders. It combines jazz, indie, and urban folk into a unique expression of world music in between urban and ancient, modern and traditionalfeatures a style both improvisational and jazzy. It captures the aura of explores the epiphanies in daily life that takes root in our subconsciousness, making us who we are today.

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