I'm Sinking
I'm Sinking

I'm Sinking

RockEverything Is Temporary

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I'm Sinking

I'm Sinking


發佈時間 2020-07-14


Smile, remember how to smile
But I feel so empty inside it's hard to breathe
If only I can breathe
My emotions far away and out of reach
I feel the numbness taking over me
I'll forget I'm drowning in my misery

Don't call me for a week
'Cause right now all I want to do is sleep
I'm laughing in my dreams
It's a sad, self-fulfilling prophecy
Can't find the energy to get out of bed today
I can hear what they're all gonna say about me

I'm sinking to the bottom of the sea
Maybe I'll feel better if I try to
Sing the words I cannot say, but
Does it matter if they won't listen anyway
And life is just a game
So I guess I have no choice but to play
I'm counting down the days til I disintegrate
Soon enough it'll get the best of me

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