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Happy New Day
Happy New Day

Happy New Day

PopMango Street Papa 芒果街老爸《Mangrow》

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Mango Street Papa 芒果街老爸

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發布時間 2021-09-15


“ 親愛的,新日快樂!”
在那裡面 有妳 有我 有煙火
我的世界 也被點亮了
|音樂製作 Song Credit|
詞 Lyricist:翁哲祥
曲 Composer:翁哲祥
編曲 Arranger:芒果街老爸、翁哲祥、李偉綸
製作人 Producer:周均 Leo Chou @TDP STUDIO
配唱製作人 Vocal Producer:阿蘭 AC
擊樂製作 Percussion Producer:Evan Wang(聖展)
演唱 Performer:五塊 Five Dollars
鼓 Drum:劉康弘 Kenny Liu
吉他 Guitar:五塊 Five Dollars
貝斯 Bass:陳柏宏 Brian Chen
合成器 Synth:曾國軒 lati33333
錄音室 Recording Studio:追夢者娛樂整合工作室 @TDP STUDIO
錄音師 Recording Engineer:徐昕 Vivian Hsin Hsu @TDP STUDIO
混音師 Mixing Engineer:周均Leo Chou @TDP STUDIO
母帶後期製作 Mastering Producer:周均Leo Chou @TDP STUDIO
母帶後期處理錄音室 Mastering Studio:追夢者娛樂整合工作室 @TDP STUDIO
藝人經紀 Artist Manager:嚴苡瑄Aalin Yen @TDP STUDIO
企劃宣傳 Marketing&Promotion:林以愛Esther Lin @TDP STUDIO

|視覺製作 Art Credit|
視覺統籌 Visual Supervisor:羅文傑WunJ.L @TDP STUDIO
封面設計 Cover Design:楊芷卉Jr-Huei Yang

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I wish you merry christmas and happy new year
I know I told you that I never celebrate it
But I still do it for you
Although I totally messed up
Don't ask me why, just wanna be with you

I just wanna try, even don't know why
Just to do it for you
I want you lie in my arms
please let me do it for you every single happy new day

I used to be a stupid cynical person
Festival means nothing to me and it's boring
But that day I've tried for you and got your big smile
All suddenly, candles are lit in my
Life, just need to try
Even don't know why
Just to do it for you
I melt everytime while you smile
Please let me do it for you every single happy new day

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