ØMEGA - CAGE (Official Audio)
ØMEGA - CAGE (Official Audio)

ØMEGA - CAGE (Official Audio)

Hip hop / Rap

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ØMEGA - CAGE (Official Audio)

ØMEGA - CAGE (Official Audio)


發佈時間 2018-12-23


We try to forget the pain but still let same things happen again.
This is a message for you, for me, for us.

RIP X. 2018/12/23 ØMEGA

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/omega4real_/
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/ecology_balance/
詞曲 Lyrics: ØMEGA
編曲Arrangement: Ocean Beats
錄音Recorded: W I L L I A M
混音Mixing: W I L L I A M

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Voice from X

I still living in Cage
I try to open new Page
They say you should appreciate it, my friend, You say so easy but I think I can’t

I try to forget the memories but
Even you always bring me new hurt
Then give me a hug
still blindly to love

I can’t Living like other
Cold like a murderer
I don’t really fucking wanna to be that
You want me just smile n staring at humanity going to dead

I can’t Try to be cruel
Watching the boobs
Forget the trust n
comfort myself It will be good
I just wanna ask you how could

Forgot what I trust
Forgot why I Care
The voice endless spark in my ear
I can’t let it in my mind disappear
I don’t know the thing Drop on my face is blood Or Tear
Oh dear
The things You call love make me fear

We care lot of trash
Forgot lot of pain
need a little bit of change
Not brain in the bank
You all know that
You all know that
But you try to forget

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