So Insane
So Insane

So Insane

R&B / Soul

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So Insane

So Insane

張元 Yuanne
張元 Yuanne

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發佈時間 2013-04-06



When I’m standing by you the joy is speeding up the time
Boy don’t you know you got me right on the bull’s eye, woah-oh!
Some how all this talking is just not getting us aligned
I’m ready to listen now say what’s on your mind

Get right to it, say what you want about it
Boy you make me feel so insane
Let’s talk about this love, love, love
gifted from above, ‘bove, above
Boy I’m feeling we’re so in sync

When I’m thinkin ‘bout you the thoughts are slowing down the time
Oh how you left me hanging when we said good-bye, oh-oh !
Don’t know what it is but it seems you aren’t like other guys
Straight up and honest, treating me precious like I’m the only one

I’m not sure what I could do
So unexpectedly you choose
to be right here right at this moment in this time
Perfectly you came to me
like a missing puzzle piece
It’s amazing how you are standing in front of me

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