MetalThrough The Mist With Courage And Sorrow

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Voyage In Solitude

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發佈時間 2020-08-27



We have made a covenant
And promised a path to the light
But no words are kept
We are cursed and trapped

The truth is entombed
Beneath the kingdom of doom
The cult of puppets
To serve the elephant tyrant

In the land of plague with lies
The force of ignorance rises
Shroud in skulduggery
All submit to fist of iron

Smash the sect with hammer of might
Harvest souls with ruthless scythe
Long live the almighty tyrant
With thousand years of fright

Divide and conquer land by land
Assimilate to last man stand
Eradicate all the damned
Unify under bloodstained flag

The edict fosters
The exile we are
Across the rivers
Death delivers

Take the last chance once and for all
Pierce the heart and purge the filth
Darkness fades and the moon sets
Falling apart and the tyranny ends

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