How Dare You
How Dare You

How Dare You

AlternativePeaceful Day EP

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How Dare You

How Dare You

The Sulis Club
The Sulis Club

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發佈時間 2016-07-01


How Dare You
“Follow me love, I’m here, I’ll lead you home
Although it’s hard, oh I know I’ll lead you home
I’ve been waiting for you from the other side
I’ve been waiting for you," that she whispered

No matter how I try to avoid the mirror
I can still see her reflection
No matter how I drive with no direction
I can still hear her whisper

She’s the key to my heart
so how dare you drop in the sea
She’s my only firefly
so how dare you torch my forest
She’s my guidance star
so how dare you just try to destroy my sun
Cause she’s my soul, my love

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