Sometimes (Demo)


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Sometimes (Demo)


發佈時間 2019-04-22



走在這條路上 滿滿的回憶湧現著
你的微笑 你的髮梢 和那曾經的溫暖
當這條路走完 如聲音般的回憶也嘎然而止

路燈很迷人 但輝映出來的影子卻這麼狹長

詞 Lyricist | 喬
曲 Composer | 小羅 / 喬
編曲 Music Arranger | Last call
歌唱 Vocal | 喬
主吉他 Lead Guitar | 小羅
節奏吉他 Rhythm Guitar | 子軒
爵士鼓 Drums | 予皇
錄音&混音 Recording & Mixing|Last call

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We are just afraid of being alone
Because of you, the light is in front of me
Walk along , is anything there for me ?
Something changed between you and me
So far away ,when you say nothing at all
Go straight , I’ll never see it

Never mind ,if something up in the air
Even though it will make a mess
Throw your fash ,then you will see
The big one piece out there

Sometimes we’re lost it and break away
Thoughts of the day ,dreams of the night
Chaotic ! Inside me ! Chaotic !
How to get this out of my head
Sometimes we lose ,but it’s nothing at all
Let the thing slide away ,so let it go
Just stay your mind ,and treasure those in sight
Things will work out in the end

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