Nothing At All
Nothing At All

Nothing At All

Hip hop / Rap

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Nothing At All

Nothing At All

Brad Lee
Brad Lee

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發佈時間 2018-01-14


Project Mayhem Episode 1:
Man this song aint that good

Music&Lyrics: Brad Lee
Arranger: Soryo
Mixing&mastering: LENZ







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its suffocating me
but you never know
all the struggling is real
but you never know
all the glamour all the glitz
that you never know
it won’t last forever
you already know

i see through your games
but you never know
all these voices in my head
that you never know
i know that I’m a mess
But you never know
but you never know

got nothing on my mind
i left it all behind
just another guy rocking the mic
spitting real bars that i don’t really like

They be spitting all that wack shit
i be rapping all the rad shit
everyday I’m on the grind
redefining what it means to shine

but still/they say my bars are weak
they don’t understand me, i keep it deep
At least my rhythms they stick to the beat
Talking bout facts
I don't care about beef

been wondering my purpose
don’t know what my worth is
im drowning all my troubles
when the fuck will i surface

I’m just wandering through the streets
I’m tyrna get back on my feet
I’m a desperate man you don’t wanna fuck with me
Just let me do my thing
whydon’t you set me free
Cuz i don’t care if you agree with me

cuz We don't worry nothing at all
Don't u worry nothing at all
Leave it all to me
Don't you worry nothing at all
You all know that I'm real
dont you worry nothing at all

all these haters tryna bring me down tonight,But i aint worry bout a thing
You know i aint gon lie
just have fun tonight and let the music fly
sing together and we gon have a good time
we gon have a good time

You don’t have to do too much
Leave it all to me
I’m gon tell you when to stop

got ur head spinning
got ur body grooving
got the crowd screaming but i aint got worry nothing

its at my all time low
i got nothing to show
but thats just life and the way it goes

goes/on and on but i still can’t see
blind, but i still hold the key
to get away from this to a new place free
to worry bout nothing, and just be me
But i can’t, lock it heavily enough
it’s overflowing with other stuff
Thoughts and torture that makes life tough
And signs that should’ve shown the rough
I’ve had enough
This process is way too slow
Editing rhymes and flows just to lay low
i sing this song Just so you know
I ain’t worried bout nothing

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Brad Lee・1 年前

@Combos 我覺得 可能錄音的時候 太開心了,這首之後再重做,我覺得混的不太好,很粗糙

Brad Lee・1 年前

@Combos 我是寫signs沒錯呦

Combos・1 年前

聽這句"And signs that should’ve shown the rough"
似乎是唱 things? 一樣是auto correct成signs了嗎?
不過老實說sign 更有感覺 哈哈哈

Brad Lee・2 年前

@Amxxxjay damn the auto correct, sry, will fix it

Amxxxjay・2 年前

歌詞有打錯嗎 唱的是rhymes 但歌詞是rhythms