What's your wonder (懶惰蟲英文版)
What's your wonder (懶惰蟲英文版)

What's your wonder (懶惰蟲英文版)


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What's your wonder (懶惰蟲英文版)

What's your wonder (懶惰蟲英文版)


發佈時間 2012-07-10


English Lyrics by : Andy Chi

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What's your wonder (懶惰蟲英文版)
詞/Andy Chi 曲/呂孝廷 編/呂孝廷

hey what you done dont push me down
you leave me alone amd i'm walk back home

after few days what have you been
please dont leave me alone long long i'll give you more and more

how to get home ( baby how you tell me to go home)
talking on my own oh no ~
every step you show how you betray

yesterday i saw your face when i woke up
and you hang out with friends i know
tell me your answer is yes or no

I know Before you came into my life
that I miss you so bad now
oh you want to make me crazy

oh come on body how to look forward
Ok now i know what's your wonder
you'll become more mature

Just dont try to tell me you still love me
he wants everyday to be with you
so i never ganna love you

Da da da da~ Da da da da~
hey i wake up brush my teeth
hey i miss you what I’ve seen so far
day after day week after week
I put myself away i wanna find my way

La la la la~ La la la la la~

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