3. Run to the World_Demo

Soundtrack / New age ・ 【Change to Shine】

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3. Run to the World_Demo


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發佈時間 2013-12-31


【Run to the World】

1, 2, 3 Go! Let’ run together.

The running festival is on the corner.
Whether in Sydney or in Taiwan,
A professional or an amateur,
Friends or strangers,
We can run shoulder by shoulder.
Everybody is number one.

Leave behind the comfort zone.
Throw away the cell phone.
Put on our sneakers.
Accompany a happy song.
We will never be alone.
We are happy runners.
We are from country of marathon.
We run for fun,
We run for faith
In the pride of Formosa.
When the wind from Great Ocean blows,
Remember the wave of Pacific Ocean flows.

Make a stride,
Over the tide.
Life is like a marathon.
Just hit the ground.
And never turn around.
I can shape my destiny.
Running to the world is never fantasy.
My friends, we are all ready,
Ready to run to the world.
Not for the glorious laurel.
But to see the wonderful world.

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