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Nana's Betrayal

發佈時間 2020-11-24


What keeps me staying here is rock n' roll
And the girl that I love from the heart inside
I just can't let them go out of my mind
Now I'm standing on the land that far from my home

Oh,I miss my home
The precious childhood's always in my dreams again and again
Oh,I miss my home
The choice's not mine

Recently I just wonder why I'm here
In other words, how did it come to this?
Fortunately I still have music and her
I wish someday they could bring me my home

I see the people come and go
They don't mind to be hollow
Make me wonder it is my home

I see the people sell and steal
They feel thirsty then they kill
Make me wonder it is my home

But suddenly a woman shows up lying sing "La La La La"
Then she waves to me tenderly and gives me a hint
I find myself in her comfort zone

Then she whispers
"my hometown is faraway,youth there work everyday
Try to live,they just try to live"

She points to the endless sky
Then the world becomes clear
Guess what I really find

I see the elder weeping in the ocean,children running in the sun
Then I feel dizzy,the wind blows me up
The world is outside of me

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